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Hi there! We meet again today with another topic about tenses, Simple Present Continuous.  I will explain what it is in two parts, the introduction and the use, then the pattern.

As the name, continuous, we can use it to express something that happens in progress. Continue Reading »

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In this section you have some links providing audio listening practices equipped by exercises to test your understanding about the conversation, vocabulary lists so that you can understand the vocabularies given well. The special thing from the materials is there is much slang in the conversations. So, you will understand how to speak English naturally. Continue Reading »

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Simple Present Tense

How do we make the Simple Present Tense?

(indonesian version) 

subject + auxiliary verb + main verb
do base

There are three important exceptions: Continue Reading »


Simple Present Tense

Ingin membuat kalimat dengan

‘Simple Present Tense’? (english version click here)

Susunan / struktur kalimat simple present tense: Continue Reading »

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Adjective VS Adverb

Pernah dengar istilah2 diatas? atau punya masalah dengan bahasan diatas? atau pas lagi ngerjain latihan soal ttg masalah itu?

I think, You’d better check this out ^_^


# Adjective = kata sifat
Cth: expensive, expressive, careful, careless, etc.

The Jacket is EXPENSIVE. No wonder if it is GOOD.
An EXPENSIVE jacket usually has a GOOD quality.

Dari contoh dapat dilihat penggunaan Adjective.
1. Ia dapat menjadi ‘complement/pelengkap’ dalam sebuah kalimat.
– The Jacket is EXPENSIVE
– No wonder if it is GOOD

2. Ia dapat menjadi penjelas kata benda.
– An EXPENSIVE jacket
– a GOOD quality

#Adverb = kata keterangan
Keterangan dalam B. Inggris mempunyai banyak macam.
– Adv. of Time (at five o’clock),
– Adv. of Place (on Surabaya Street)
– Adv. of reason (because of the rain)
– Adv. of frequency (always, often, rarely, seldom, etc)
– Adv. of manner/ ket cara (expressively, well, carefully, carelessly)

Preposision (on, at, in front of, etc) bisa dikatakan sebagai penanda keterangan. Berikut ini beberapa contoh kalimat yang menggunakan ‘keterangan’.

– It’s five o’clock honey. Take a shower before your father arrives.
– We will meet here tomorrow at five o’clock on Surabaya Street, OK!
– Because of the storm, the match was cancelled.
– They often came late. But, after the headmaster advised them,
they never did it.
– He always drives the car carefully. He is a careful driver.

Semoga bermanfaat ^_^


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Penjelasan 12 tenses

Hello world!

Apa kabar semua? Semoga anda semua selalu dalam keadaan yang paling baik ^_^

Syukurlah, akhirnya saya bisa membagi tulisan saya tentang 12 tenses yang berbentuk file presentasi, melalui blog ini. Mudah-mudahan yang saya bagi ini bermanfaat untuk Anda dalam memahami tenses. Tetapi, bila ada kurang nya saya dengan senang hati bila anda memberi masukan dan saran, supaya dikemudian hari menjadi semakin baik.

Terima kasih ^_^