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Idioms: ‘Tea’ and ‘Cake’

Two idioms which are very common in England – they use the words ‘tea’ and ‘cake’.

Mmm… sounds tasty (kedengarannya enak)!

The first one is ‘Not my cup of tea’

But it doesn’t mean that the cup of tea doesn’t belong to me (tetapi idioms itu bukan berarti ‘cangkir itu bukan punyaku’).

We say ‘Not my cup of tea’ when we want to tell someone that we don’t really like something or are not interested in it ‘Not my cup of tea’  Listen to this example.

‘I went to the new aerobics class but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. There was too much jumping up and down and I got tired very quickly. I think I’ll try some other form of exercise’.

The next idiom is ‘It’s a piece of cake’

We use this when we want to say how easy something is to do. For example:

‘I thought it would be difficult to learn how to ride a motorbike, but in fact it isn’t.It’s a piece of cake! I learnt it in just two days’.

Let’s recap for a minute

‘Not my cup of tea’ (‘tidak begitu suka’)

‘It’s a piece of cake’ (‘sangat gampang’)

Taken from: http://www.kangguru.org/


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