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Different Pond Different Fish (DPDF): Bush Dancing

Hi, how’s life? I hope your days are fun just like our topic today, Bush Dancing!

Hai, gimana kabar Anda? Saya harap hari-hari anda menyenangkan seperti topk kita hari ini, Bush Dancing!


What is Bush Dancing?  Bush means semak-semak in Indonesian. Dancing means menari. So, Bush Dancing is like dancing in the bushes.. 😛

Do you think so?? wkwkwk..you are wrong..! If you think it is like that, you have to read this story.

Let’s hear Fitriana’s story about it.


Bush Dancing!

I stayed in Perth almost a month. It is a clean and friendly city to stay in. Last weekend I was invited by Karen Bailey, from SIDE, School of Isolated and Distance Education, to go to a bush dance. I assumed that we would be transferred to some kind of forest with tall grass to do bush dancing. So I thought I would need clothing that can protect myself like a pair of boots to protect my feet, a long-sleeve top to protect me from mosquitoes and a hat of course. Since I didn’t have them I just wore pants, a T-shirt and pair of sandals. I arrived at the dance to see no forest at all! I entered the building where I saw some friends. There was lots of food and drink and a band. They looked like country musicians — cowboy hats, leather vests and big boots. We started chatting, eating and drinking. An hour later the guitarist asked us to gather around and make a big circle. There were series of dances. First it was an easy one but then it became more difficult AND more fun. We basically had to move our arms, legs and head a lot. We jumped up and down a lot and also reversing and changing spots. The beat was slow at first but gradually it became faster and faster. We were not allowed to stop while the music was playing. So, you could imagine how we ended up breathless! Age doesn’t matter. Children, teenagers and adults are all welcome. The only thing for sure is that you must posses strong stamina and be prepared because after dancing you will feel a painful calf! It’s FUN though. Bush dancing is really fun.

(by Fitriana Nur, Participant of Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) 2004, Perth, Western Australia. Ana wrote to KGRE in late February 2004.)

Wow, how fun!! Ternyata asyik juga ya kayaknya..sepertinya boleh juga dicoba di kelas-kelas Bahasa Inggris sama temen-temen teacher nih, biar kelasnya meriah, sekaligus memperkenalkan budaya lain ^_^

See you..


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