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Adjective VS Adverb

Pernah dengar istilah2 diatas? atau punya masalah dengan bahasan diatas? atau pas lagi ngerjain latihan soal ttg masalah itu?

I think, You’d better check this out ^_^


# Adjective = kata sifat
Cth: expensive, expressive, careful, careless, etc.

The Jacket is EXPENSIVE. No wonder if it is GOOD.
An EXPENSIVE jacket usually has a GOOD quality.

Dari contoh dapat dilihat penggunaan Adjective.
1. Ia dapat menjadi ‘complement/pelengkap’ dalam sebuah kalimat.
– The Jacket is EXPENSIVE
– No wonder if it is GOOD

2. Ia dapat menjadi penjelas kata benda.
– An EXPENSIVE jacket
– a GOOD quality

#Adverb = kata keterangan
Keterangan dalam B. Inggris mempunyai banyak macam.
– Adv. of Time (at five o’clock),
– Adv. of Place (on Surabaya Street)
– Adv. of reason (because of the rain)
– Adv. of frequency (always, often, rarely, seldom, etc)
– Adv. of manner/ ket cara (expressively, well, carefully, carelessly)

Preposision (on, at, in front of, etc) bisa dikatakan sebagai penanda keterangan. Berikut ini beberapa contoh kalimat yang menggunakan ‘keterangan’.

– It’s five o’clock honey. Take a shower before your father arrives.
– We will meet here tomorrow at five o’clock on Surabaya Street, OK!
– Because of the storm, the match was cancelled.
– They often came late. But, after the headmaster advised them,
they never did it.
– He always drives the car carefully. He is a careful driver.

Semoga bermanfaat ^_^



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